What is LEADstrike?

1. An innovative website plugin, that triples the amount of leads you are capturing and trying your gym. We simply place it on your current website and it works. Easy.

2. The LEADstrike app. Our app compliments the website plug-in. If you are going to triple your leads, you need a superior way to communicate with and manage your leads. Our app features:  2-way texting, calling, lead management, and scheduling. 

Triples the amount of people trying your gym.

2-week free trial to prove it.

200+ Gyms Already Using LEADstrike.

Use the LEADstrike App to communicate and keep up with your gym leads.

Available Features in the LEADstrike App:

A quick tour of the LEADstrike App. 

Average Monthly Leads

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Average Monthly Conversations

You're Missing Out on

$100 Challenge. 

We'll place LEADstrike on your website for 2-weeks, free of charge. After 2-weeks, if you do not get at least 10 leads, we'll give you $100. We expect you'll get way more than 10 ;) After the trial, we'll have a chat. If it kills it like usual, you can keep it. If you aren't satisfied, we'll simply take it off. No card information is exchanged before hand. Let it prove it's worth. Get paid if it doesn't.

14-Day Free Trial


Where should we text our pricing info?

This is a great opportunity for you to not only see our pricing, but also get a taste of the how the system works. You'll only get 2 texts.

Referral program.

Refer any gym to us and get a recurring 20% royalty on their payment.

Essentially, every gym you refer lowers your payment by 20%.

After you're getting LEADstrike free, you'll then start making $.

We Place It On Your Site

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Try it 2 Weeks For Free

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Next Step: 10-min intro chat

The goal of this chat is for you to hang up the phone knowing everything you need to know about LEADstrike. We’ll walk you through it and let you ask any questions you have. No risk, all possibility. You’ll speak with either Decker or Zach, both knowledgeable and great guys.

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